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About Accessible Law

It is the mission of the Law Review of UNT Dallas College of Law to produce publications that improve legal comprehension and access for all people affected by or engaged in the practice of the law. Accessible Law is the publication created by the UNT Dallas College of Law for members of the public. The purpose of the student-run journal is to promote access to the legal system by connecting members of the public to information, materials, and various other media that may assist them in making informed and practical decisions in their legal affairs.

Legal topics are presented in a multimedia format, such as articles, videos, infographics, and other media, as determined by the membership of the journal. Student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions, and together with several faculty advisors, Accessible Law publishes full editions twice per year and standalone content continuously throughout the year.

Accessible Law welcomes submissions of, and proposals for, pieces written for members of the public. Contributors to Accessible Law must comply with specific publishing standards. The publishing standard and instructions for submitting content may be obtained by contacting us.


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